Generally speaking, 1-2 months’ baby has a strong response to the loud voice, which is much louder than the closing noise at home or when there is a glass break, the baby will have a performance of surprise; for example, the new year’s firecrackers will be set off, and the “crackling” firecrackers will also make the baby cry.

If the baby is 6 months old, he will be more sensitive to the sound recognition and his expression will be clearer. When the baby cries in another room, the soothing voice of the mother, such as “baby, don’t cry, the mother will come”, will make the baby quiet, and may calm the baby’s fluctuating mood.

When the baby is 9 months old, he can crawl or even walk. At this time, if a smaller object, such as building blocks, falls on the ground beside the baby, the baby will look up, down, left and right for sound.


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Baby’s abnormal performance

If a baby has a hearing disorder < / a > at < a href = " HTML" target = "_blank" > he will have some unique performance. The earlier parents find out, the easier it is to intervene, and the easier it is to save their baby’s hearing.

Parents can note that if the baby under 3 months of the family has no response to the sudden loud noise; or the baby can’t find the sound source after half a year of age; or after 1 year of age, the baby can’t understand and call out “father, mother”; even after 24 months, the baby can’t say short sentences with more than two words. At this time, parents should pay special attention to the development of baby’s hearing. If necessary, they should send the baby to be tested and diagnosed in time.

For the older babies over 24 months, the language barrier and slow response are obvious, such as: asking others to repeat their speech; turning the volume of the TV and radio to a high level; tilting their heads while watching TV, putting their ears close to the TV; not hearing the birds; not responding to the phone ring and the doorbell. At this time, the mother can send the baby to the relevant medical treatment in time Institutions for diagnosis and treatment.

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Link:The performance of hearing impairment in children

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