The higher the hearing aid, the better.?-Hearing aid selection skills

The common phenomenon in the hearing aid market in China is that the hearing aids for the elderly are usually low-end machines with low price and single function. The hearing aids for children are generally high-end machines, which are expensive and complicated. Parents would rather compress the rest of the family’s expenses and must also equip their children with the latest and most versatile machines.

In fact, high-endHearing aidIt is also necessary to carefully distinguish, not the more functions, the choice of “optimal” is the most important.


Which features cost a lot but are wasted?

For infants and young children, some of the features of many top-level products are temporarily unavailable to children, such as binaural calls, direct connection to Apple phones, and wind noise blocking. You can wait until your child is older and need these features. Consider buying. For children, giving him a clear voice to develop language skills is the most important.

For example, the automatic program function is generally turned off when the audiologist adjusts the machine to the child. Because children need to hear the sound of all frequency bands, if the automatic program is turned on, when the child enters the outdoors, a lot of environmental sounds will be removed by the automatic program. As everyone knows, the “noise” that the hearing aids are lowered is the first time the children enter the sound world. Know and listen to meaningful sounds. Not to mention the sound of a car horn in the distance, what will be harmful to the safety of the child when it is removed as noise.

What features are really worth investing in?

You want to improve the speech recognition rate and understanding of the noise environment for your child; for example, the new machine comes with a Bluetooth device, which can realize wireless answering calls and long-distance listening; for example, children with new devices have obviously better subjective listening experience, children It can reflect better and easier to hear; for example, you can see the obvious improvement of hearing aid directly on his audiogram, and these value points are supported by evaluation data or real feelings, not just saying Just say it.

Use the best, the higher the hearing aid, the better?

In short, for children in the language formation period, parents can’t wait to buy the best hearing aids all over the world, so that children can hear better and learn faster. This kind of psychology is understandable. The pursuit of expensive and full-featured products, we do not know that the function of these top-of-the-line products is “wasted” by us, and we are still paying for these expensive features! As a parent, we choose the right one for the child. The model and function of the hearing aid should match the child’s hearing and life needs. This is the gold standard for choosing a hearing aid.

It is also very important that the best and more expensive hearing aids have to go through the professional fitter and the scientific fitting process to achieve their effectiveness.

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