The ear is particularly itchy, can you lick?

Many people can’t help but rub their fingers when their ears are itchy. Hey ears, but a university asks, how to stop itching will not cause harm? There are many reasons for itching the ear. The ear nerves are very sensitive, so some ear itch that is not in the way of the ear is usually only a slight nerve reaction. Some people will unconsciously rub their ears and use their nails to scrape the skin of the external auditory canal, which will cause the mucous membrane to break and the wound to feel itchy, so it will become more and more itchy. Mold is also a cause of itching. Mold is present in the air, invading people with weak resistance. Some people have a lot of earwax, which may be infected with mold. Of course, too much earwax will make the ear itchy, but the earwax can prevent the invasion of foreign matter, also inhibit the growth of bacteria, and also clean the ear canal.


Otherwise, the skin of the external auditory canal is broken, infected with bacteria, redness and fever, and otitis or otitis media. After chronic inflammation, the tissue cells will proliferate and thicken, and the ear canal will become narrower and narrower, resulting in the ear wax not being easily discharged by itself, resulting in a vicious circle.

Not picking your ears casually is the best way to keep your external auditory canal clean. If you can’t stand it, if you want to clean your ears, pay attention to the following things:

Don’t dig too deep and use too much force. Correct and proper earing can take dirt away, but if it is too hard, it will break the skin and break the eardrum too deeply. Therefore, when you rub your ears, if you hear the sound of “cracking”, or if you feel that you have something to stop, it means you have reached the end. Avoid being touched or scared. When cleaning your ears, be sure to avoid touching others, especially those running around, because they are easily scratched or scared, and it is easy to break the eardrum, leading to otitis media or hearing loss. Take the Vaseline before you. Dry earwax can be used to pick up Vaseline with a cotton swab, gently turn it around in the ear, don’t put the cotton swab in, it will push the earwax in. Wet earwax is not as easy to fall off as dry earwax. It is recommended to seek medical help. In addition, there is a small secret recipe to stop itching, remove earwax and prevent bacterial growth: press vinegar and physiological saline13Proportioning, then dripping into the ears, adults3Drop, child1drop. Once every two weeks2 ~ 3Day, every day3遍。

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