The main function of the hearing aid drying box is to protect the hearing aid from moisture and moisture.

Now there are two kinds of hearing aid drying boxes on the market. One is to protect the hearing aid from moisture by using the moisture absorption of discolored silica gel, and the other is to dry the moisture by using the heat generated by the electronic drying box. The two drying methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. < a href = "" target = "blank" > Jinghao hearing aid < / a > experts suggest that you only need to open the door of the battery compartment after removing the hearing aid at night and put it into the ordinary drying box to prevent moisture. If the weather is very wet or there is no dehumidification treatment for the hearing aid for about a week, open the battery compartment of the hearing aid, Take out the battery and put it into the electronic drying box to remove moisture.

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When using ordinary drying box, please pay attention to:

1. The moisture absorption effect of the discolored silica gel is about half a year, and the specific use time changes due to the humidity of the use environment.

2. If the silica gel changes from blue to white or pink to white, replace the silica gel. Some discolored silica gel can be reused by microwave heating, but the moisture absorption effect will be affected.

When using the electronic drying box, please pay attention to:

1. Open the battery compartment of the hearing aid and take out the battery, so as to obtain better drying effect and avoid the failure of the battery after drying.

2. Wipe the surface of the hearing aid and put it into the dryer. Plug in the power supply. At this time, the indicator light is on, and the dryer starts to work. After a few minutes, the dryer will enter the constant temperature state.

3. Do not dry for more than 12 hours each time, usually 4 hours in summer and 6 hours in winter.

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