Box hearing aid features-What is a box hearing aid?

Box-type hearing aids are also known as body-fit or pocket-type hearing aids. The shape is like a small radio-sized rectangular box. The microphone, amplifier and battery of the hearing aid are assembled in the box, and a long wire is connected to the earphone and earplug or ear mold. Usually placed in the pocket of your clothes.

Box-type hearing aids are popular because of their high power, low feedback, low price, large size, large adjustment knobs, and extremely poor hearing loss and poor finger flexibility. At the same time, because the box-type hearing aid is bulky, the concealment is poor; the noise floor is large; the hearing aid itself and the wire are easy to rub with the clothes; the wire is easily damaged, and the hearing loss is complained. I believe that everyone has a simple understanding of what is a box hearing aid. To learn more about hearing aids, please click [返回】see more.

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