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The better the noise reduction, the more expensive the hearing aid, how do we choose it?

Anyone who has worn a hearing aid knows that it may be very good in a quiet environment, but once in a noisy environment, it is difficult to distinguish the voice from the chaotic noise. Noise reduction is one of the important indicators of hearing aids. In general, the better the noise reduction, the more expensive the hearing aid, then how do we choose it?


  • Noise suppression

Different from the noise reduction principle of the old hearing aids, the noise suppression technology of the new hearing aid analyzes speech sound and noise, and processes and distinguishes them separately by digital signal time and loudness. Then, the processor will adopt multi-channel compression mode with less noise. Amplify the volume and increase the volume in the speech section.

2)  Microphone

Multi-channel adaptive directionality

This is a feature that is currently available in mid- to high-end hearing aids. Digital hearing aids with directional functions or multiple microphones have directional adjustment adaptability. Simply put, the hearing aid not only automatically adjusts the direction of the microphone, but also confirms the source of the noise and suppresses the sound in the direction of the noise. Some high-end models can also track multiple noise sources simultaneously and suppress them at the same time. This is multi-channel adaptive directionality.

Complete noise reduction? Impossible!

At present, no hearing aid can achieve the full degree of noise reduction. But we must know that even normal people live in a noisy environment every day, and noise is a part of our lives. In addition, the better the noise reduction, the more expensive the hearing aid is, and the hearing aid can meet the needs of the user.

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