Talking to the elders, listening to the ears of the elders, how to do it.

If you find that your elders are inaudible or inaudible, you should take your elders to the hearing center as soon as possible to do a hearing test to see if there is any hearing loss. If you are diagnosed with hearing loss, you should wear a hearing aid as soon as possible to intervene, which can effectively protect the residual. Listening, so that elders can listen and communicate better.


Xiaobian grandfather is an old man with a very long back. Every time he talks, he has to rely on him. He really feels embarrassed. Later, every time he walks to his ear, he blocks his hand and speaks slowly to the ear. It can also be heard that the hearing has plummeted in recent years, and he has been given a hearing aid, but the hearing aid is always inferior to his own ear. He said that if people talk too much, the big noise in the hearing aid comes out, so now I have been used to it if something is wrong. Tell him, one word and one sentence slowly rely on the ear of his hearing aid, so that it can be heard clearly, and it will not be rude because of the loud voice.

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