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In order to further standardize the sales channels of Fengli products in Zhejiang Province, Fengli company solemnly declares that all products under Fengli are only sold in the authorized distribution outlets of Fengli, and we solemnly suggest that you purchase products at the authorized distribution outlets of our company. At present, Fengli company only provides the latest matching software and technical training for its authorized dealer’s stores. The company does not provide warranty and product upgrading services for hearing aid products purchased by users from other abnormal channels. Please purchase them carefully.

If you have any questions, please call 400-650-3490.

Please check the information of authorized dealers of Fengli in Zhejiang Province. Only the dealers in this list are authorized officially by Fengli:

Head office of Swiss Fengli listening group (China)

Group Marketing Department

Link:Statement on authorized dealers of Zhejiang Fengli

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