Phonak hearing aid[Mermaid Classic Edition]

2017年是Phonak hearing aidBrand birth70The anniversary, as well as the mermaid series of hearing aids entered China for the tenth year. Value this10On the occasion of the year, Phonak hearing aids launched the latest and most technical hearing aids.Fengli Mermaid Wei classic hearing aid.

The Mermaid Hearing Aid is a hearing solution pioneered by Phonak to meet the needs of users with severe to very severe hearing loss. It provides a pleasing speech comprehension and opens a new door for the wearer.

The Phonak Mermaid Classic Hearing Aid is more powerful, lighter and more waterproof.

(1More powerful: a wider range of power options and more new listening performance. New breakthrough technology that can increase up to the next generation5The gain and sound output of the decibels allow heavy and extremely heavy hearing people to hear louder sounds and communicate more confidently.

Using a new algorithm, adaptive intelligent compression frequency, can be compressed to as low as800HzThe cutoff frequency. While widening the frequency range, it ensures clear sound quality and easily solves the problem of more special hearing loss users.

Intelligent real-time detection of noise reduction. It guarantees the clarity of speech in all kinds of noisy environments, comprehensively reduces noise and purifies the user’s listening experience.

(2Lighter and lighter: The shape is lighter and thinner, and the wearing is more comfortable. The shell is made of a new composite material, which greatly reduces the thickness and volume, and is thinner than the previous generation.25%The shape, use more customers, feel more comfortable to use.

Also improved60%A tough outer casing that excels in durability. Light and thin without degrading texture, easy to deal with various environmental challenges and emergencies. Durable, users trust more.

(3) more waterproof:IP68The level is dustproof and waterproof, and it is safe to use without fear of harsh environment and unexpected situations.

Link:Fengli Hearing Aid - Mei Ren Wei Wei Classic Edition "Picture Quote" Hearing

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