Split hearing aid双星AFrequency conversion split hearing aid advantages

双星AFrequency conversion split hearing aid is the world famous SwitzerlandSonovaThe high-end hearing aid developed by the group uses the fastest peak force so far.VentureExtremely fast chip and multiple optimization designs,Its innovative design of split hearing aids is currently the best-selling star product in Europe and the United States.

Split hearing aid

双星ATen advantages of variable frequency split hearing aids:

1A new generation of frequency conversion technology makes life easier!

VentureSpeed ​​chip5.5亿次/Second-order processing capability, which provides extremely fast response for hearing aids; adopts a new algorithm, adaptive intelligent compression frequency, while widening the frequency range, ensuring clear sound quality, and easily solving more special hearing loss problems.

2Innovative split design: eliminate distortion, improve sound quality, reduce ear plugging effect, and wear more comfortable

The ear plug effect is often described as “dull” and “reverberant” in your own voice, which is annoying. The open-ended option of the split hearing aid keeps the air in the ear canal clear and eliminates the blocking effect.

双星AThe frequency conversion split hearing aid adopts the splitter technology of the receiver and the processor, and the sound source is away from the eardrum. <10 mmReduce the distortion of the sound output of the hearing aid, greatly improve the true ear gain frequency response curve, and bring better sound quality to the user!

3May be the world’s smallest split hearing aid, bring her, forget her

双星AFrequency conversion split typeA10The battery, split design makes the hearing aid greatly smaller, more concealed, compact, beautiful, and sometimes you forget her existence!

4Smart technology makes listening easier and more natural!

AutoSense OSIntelligent Sound Tracking System: Like a private listening butler, you can accompany you anywhere, anytime, no matter how the environment changes, you can accurately identify the soundscape, intelligently adjust settings, and bring breakthrough results: speech understanding in all environments Force improvement20% *! Increased dialogue in the car37% *! Increased verbal comprehension in noisy environments60% *! Achieve a full range of automatic switching, all you have to do is to listen effortlessly, everything is as easy as breathing.

5Second generation Chinese speech processor Chinese listen to Chinese good voice !

Tailored for Chinese language and Chinese environment, many Chinese people are already using the star technology to improve Chinese listening experience regardless of quiet or noisy environment.

6, variable power, more choices, listening to worry!

双星AThe whole series can be freely matched with different power receivers, free to mix, even if the hearing changes, no need to re-purchase, just need to replace the receiver, reducing the trouble of changing the machine.

7More popular star products in Europe and America—-Different grades to meet different scene needs, Enjoy life!

8Reject the tinnitus and make life easier!

双星AThe whole series has a tinnitus balance manager to cover the tinnitus and get rid of the tinnitus troubles!

9Wireless intelligent ecology—–Enjoy a more tasteful life!

双星AAll series are available with optional wireless Bluetooth devices, matching phone, TV, stereo,MP3, Bluetooth microphones and other devices to improve the clarity of the call, watch TV, listen to music and so on.

10, nano dustproof and waterproof technologyLet you enjoy the fun of outdoor life without any worries.

Use a new composite material to create a shell that increases durability and wearing comfort. All models haveIP68Level waterproof and dustproof, can adapt to most of the use scenes, sturdy and durable, not afraid of sun and rain!

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