Analog hearing aid some people say it is garbage[Is it true?]

Some people think that the analog hearing aid is rubbish, it will damage the hearing, and should send digital hearing aids. I have both hearing aids. The hearing aids of the last century were all analog, and digital hearing aids were only launched in this century. How many people around the world have used analog hearing aids for decades? Their hearing is damaged?

indeed,AnalogHearing aid“Imagine all the sounds of light, medium and heavy.” I also experienced it. It feels “annoying”. When you get close to the big speakers of the audio equipment, you may feel that the sound is loud and harsh, and when the interlocutor is too small, he can’t hear it. The so-called “sounding voice, loud and harsh.” In fact, only need to add a few capacitors in the analog circuit to solve a few capacitors, the cost of parts is only a few cents. My own experience is that when there is a strong sound source, immediately turn down the volume by hand. Besides, hearing aids are not used to listen to music, but to communicate in language.

Some people have suggested that it is better to donate cochlear implants. It is necessary to know that cochlear implants are only suitable for children who cannot wear hearing aids. The price is high, even the cochlear surgery costs, training fees, one child20About 10,000 yuan. Moreover, cochlear implants are actually a problem in the medical field.

In the opinions of friends, there is no mention of analog hearing and the appearance of the structure, this is important. If it is a box machine, it is really not suitable for children, because it is necessary to put the box host in the pocket of the child, it seems to be listening on the street.m p3Similarly, it is inconvenient for children to run around. Ear-hooking is OK, but to prevent sweat from flowing into the hearing aid.

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