Smoking can also cause hearing loss, pay attention

Experts: Nicotine in cigarettes and alcohol in alcohol have damage to the auditory nerve. Long-term smoking can cause vasospasm, reduce the blood supply to the hearing organs, and cause hearing loss. The dangers of smoking to the upper respiratory tract are well known, but the harm of smoking to hearing is not necessarily known to everyone. Tobacco contains a lot of toxic and harmful substances, which can directly stimulate the skin and mucous membranes of the ear, or it can enter the blood to indirectly damage.


Smoking damages hearing in two ways:

Vascular factors: harmful substances in the smoke enter the blood, causing small blood vessels to smash, and the blood viscosity increases, causing atherosclerosis of the microvessels supplying the inner ear, which seriously affects hearing and even causes deafness. Mucosal factors: substances in the smoke can stimulate the middle ear mucosa, increase the viscosity of its secretions and secretions, affect the ciliary peristaltic function of the eustachian tube and tympanic mucosa, cause eustachian tube dysfunction, reduce local resistance. In fact, smokers not only endanger their own health, but also endanger the health of their families, friends and the surrounding people. Passive smoking can also cause hearing damage, especially adverse effects on your child’s hearing health.

Experts warm reminder: smoking is harmful to health, please try not to smoke. Early hearing loss pay attention to body health, avoid long-term exposure to noise, eat less saturated fatty diet, prevent senile cardiovascular disease, once you find high frequency hearing threshold decline, should take cholesterol-lowering drugs, vasodilators and a lot of vitaminsAVitaminDAnd vitaminsE.

You can also massage regularly and massage the hurricane before and after the earlobe(In the depression between the earlobe and the high bone behind the ear)And listening(In front of the tragus, the depression of the posterior edge of the mandibular joint)It can increase the blood circulation of the inner ear and protect the hearing. It is advisable to massage once a day in the morning and evening.5To10Minutes, long-term persistence can be effective.

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