Rehabilitation of children’s hearing is not solely based on hearing aids

Many children have hearing problems, parents will first choose to wear them for the children.Child hearing aidThis is not enough. It also needs some other auxiliary methods to protect children’s hearing. Here are some suitable fittings to introduce to you:

Rehabilitation of children's hearing is not solely based on hearing aids

1Can’t stop, persevere. Set time, set content, have long plans, short arrangements, accumulate over time, one step at a time, can not stop, persevere, will surely get the fruit of training.

2Language training should be interesting. Try to choose things and things that your child is interested in. What are your child’s characteristics, hobbies, care, what you like, and what you are doing? The learning effect is only apparent when the child is attracted to something of interest.

3, intuitive teaching method. It is instinct for a normal person to speak. It is a skill to talk to a child. The teacher should be accurate when teaching the pronunciation, including the shape of the mouth, the length of the airflow, and the movement of the vocal organs.

4Step by step. From easy to difficult, from simple to complex, from short sentences to long sentences, from intuitive and easy to understand to abstract thinking.

5Focus on language review and consolidation, accumulation and application. Deaf children are different from normal children. Because they are not clear about the pronunciation, remember slowly, forget too fast. In the teaching, follow the rules of memory curve, keep reviewing, and learn new things.

6Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. Deaf children have different residual hearings, different ages, different hobbies and hobbies, and different comprehension abilities. Therefore, teaching methods should start from the actual situation of deaf children and adopt different teaching methods to achieve good results.

7Diversified forms. This refers to the diversity of teaching forms. A fixed-time class is a form, park walks, toilet scenarios, games, and more. Some summed up as “everything must be said”, “what to see what to teach.” Many people have made explorations in this area, such as impromptu teaching methods, physical teaching methods, and situational teaching methods.

8First, ask for quantity, then ask for quality. First ask the deaf to recognize and understand things as much as possible, develop language, and promote the development of deaf children’s thinking. Can not make a sound for a child to stop learning, block his cognitive and thinking development. And you always say that he is wrong, will he have confidence and interest?

9, oral language and written language combined. Train the comprehensive ability of hearing and reading. You can combine literacy and speaking. Beginning with a child’s contact with a simple stroke and easy to read words, the method is to read the literacy, read the literacy, see the movement literacy, the game literacy, review repeatedly, and gradually master.

10Give your child some confidence and strength. Don’t rush to seek success, don’t imagine that the child talks like a normal child. If the expectation is too high, you will scold the child for being stupid, and face up to the child’s progress, and this little bit of progress is moving towards the world of sound! Therefore, a little progress must be given in time to give encouragement and strength to the child at all times.

There is no omnipotent unified approach to teaching children’s language. When you need to use other people’s successful methods, you can use each child’s specific conditions, specific conditions and environment flexibly, and create new methods suitable for specific people and conditions. There is no fixed mode of teaching methods, and a good teaching method is constantly summed up in contact with children..For more questions about children’s hearing health, please click[Hearing]see more

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