Every year, the newborn or more often has hearing problems, many of which are not congenital hearing, but the acquired hearing defects caused by the lack of attention during childhood. Here, we call on parents to pay attention to hearing protection of newborns. So what should newborn’s hearing protection pay attention to?

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First of all, it’s normal for a newborn mother to feed her baby, but it’s still important to pay attention. If the mother is sitting with the baby in her arms, she should hold the baby in her arms so that the baby is in a half sitting position. If the mother is lying on her side, she should support her baby’s upper body and head with her arms to reach the most appropriate angle. Improper feeding posture may cause baby to choke milk, resulting in milk flowing into the middle ear along the eustachian tube, causing otitis media.

For baby’s earwax cleaning problem, if the earwax is less, it does not need to be cleaned. But if there is a lot of earwax, which has blocked the ears, it needs to be cleaned up in the hospital. Most parents may think it’s not a big deal and they can solve it by themselves, but in fact it’s very dangerous. The baby is still in the development stage, the ears are relatively fragile, if not well cared, it is likely to cause local damage, thus affecting the hearing.

When children are young, some head fever is inevitable. If the child’s respiratory tract is infected, parents should pay attention to asking if the child’s ears are uncomfortable. When the respiratory tract is infected, the pathogenic bacteria are very easy to enter the middle ear through the eustachian tube, causing otitis media, and the attack period is usually 7-10 days after the cold, which is easy to be ignored by parents.

It’s better not to take a plane when a child is ill. In the process of taking off and landing, it is likely to aggravate the pressure on the child’s ears.

In addition, in daily life, do not let your baby listen to music with headphones for a long time, because poor volume control is likely to cause permanent damage to your baby’s hearing.

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