First: avoid noise

If people are exposed to noise for a long time, it will make it easier for the hearing that has begun to decline. The tiny blood vessels in the inner ear are often in a state of spasm, which makes the blood supply of the inner ear insufficient, and the hearing will rapidly decrease, and even noise deafness will occur. Therefore, the elderly should try to reduce noise interference on hearing.

 Second: don’t dig your ears

Old people like to dig their ears with spoons and matchsticks. This is because the physiological cycle of the elderly is weakened, the secretion in the ear canal is reduced, resulting in a sense of dryness and cracking, sometimes feeling extremely itchy and intolerable, which can be temporarily relieved by ear pulling stimulation. However, it is easy to bruise the ear canal and cause infection, inflammation and even damage the tympanic membrane. The scientific method is to dip a cotton swab into a little alcohol or glycerin and gently wipe the ear canal when it is itchy. Can also be taken orally e, C and cod liver oil, inner ear itching can be alleviated.

It is often used in the elderly, but it should be noted that streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin and other antibiotics should not be used excessively at one time or for a long time. They can be used alternately with other drugs or for treatment.

 Fourth: regular massage

The elderly also have a certain relationship with the weakening of blood circulation in the inner ear, while local massage can increase blood circulation and also maintain hearing. When massaging, Yifeng point (the depression behind the earlobe) and hearing point (the depression in front of the earlobe and Yifeng point are symmetrical to each other) can be massaged once in the morning and evening for 5-10 minutes each time.

People should control their emotions in old age. The fluctuation of emotions will lead to the loss of normal regulatory function of the autonomic nerves in the body, resulting in ischemia of the inner ear organs, auditory nerve disorders, and sharp hearing loss or deafness.

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