After recognizing the necessity and importance of bilateral hearing aids, research and practice have proved that bilateral hearing aids have obvious advantages over unilateral hearing aids. Experts recommend wearing hearing aids on both sides as long as conditions permit. This is particularly important for the elderly, because the hearing resolution ability of the elderly deafness patients is poor, and the phenomenon of revitalization is serious, and they need a more clear hearing aid which can effectively limit the output of excessive sound. The advantages of wearing hearing aids with both ears are to help the elderly hear better.

First of all, only when both ears listen at the same time can they have the sense of hearing direction and the ability of hearing orientation and positioning. The same sound with both ears is larger, so it can reduce the output of hearing aids, which is equivalent to obtaining 6 decibels of “real hearing” invisibly. Due to the “stereo effect”, the use of hearing aids in both ears can improve the voice resolution of patients. For example, in noisy environment, binaural hearing can suppress and reduce the noise intensity, improve the user’s understanding of the language sound. In reverberating environment, the effect of binaural hearing aids is more prominent.

Second, hearing aids on both ears allow the user to hear a weaker sound. Because it is in line with human hearing habits, wearing hearing aids on both ears will make users feel more natural and comfortable. Binaural complementation can effectively reduce the distortion, make the signal sound more real and clear, and also easier to produce a sense of spatial balance. Both ears listen at the same time, making the sound coherent and rich, so as to improve the quality of the sound. Both ears can be used to effectively avoid the decline of useless hearing function caused by weak signal stimulation. Because of this, many patients with presbycusis can no longer tolerate the defect of single ear hearing aid once they have used double ear hearing aid.

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