1. What is cerumen embolism?

Cerumen embolism is a common cause of conductive hearing loss. Cerumen is usually expelled from the ear canal. Sometimes cerumen accumulates in the ear canal and forms a embolus, which can partially or completely block the ear canal. Cerumen suppository is brown and yellow. If the ear canal is wet, it will turn jujube red and black after drying (common in the elderly). If the ear canal is partially embolized, there will be no hearing loss. If the ear canal is completely blocked, there will be hearing loss. Don’t make a hearing test or choose a hearing aid before removing cerumen.

2. What is eczema of external ear?

The patient feels itchy and painful in the external ear or ear canal, and the skin of the external ear canal is red and swollen. If the redness and swelling are not serious and do not affect the hearing, you can take a hearing test, but you can’t immediately select a hearing aid.

3. What is otitis externa?

Inflammation of the wall of the external auditory canal. If the swelling is not serious, it will not cause hearing loss. You can do audiometry, but you can’t choose a hearing aid right away.

4. What is external auditory canal polyp?

Polyps are formed by cartilage growing toward the ear canal cavity. Any abnormal growth of polyps or bone tissue should be consulted by a facial surgeon.

5. What is external auditory canal enlargement?

Usually caused by tympanic membrane and ossicular chain surgery, the skin of the external auditory canal will become very sensitive after the operation. Consult the doctor before selecting and matching the hearing aid.

6. What is tympanic membrane perforation?

It is caused by inflammation, foreign body, fracture, blasting sound or slapping. Small perforations can cause 10db-15db loss and usually heal themselves. However, surgical repair (tympanoplasty) is recommended for large perforation.

7. What is healing after perforation?

It looks like a perforation, but the otoscope will reflect light like a mirror, which is caused by the healing after perforation. Because the fibrous layer can not be regenerated, the tympanic membrane after healing lacks a layer and forms the so-called “mirror mask”. It does not affect the selection of hearing aids.

8. What is tympanosclerosis?

It is a white sclerotic scar caused by degeneration of tympanic membrane. It does not affect the selection of hearing aids.

9. How to deal with ear purulence?

Regardless of the color of the pus, consult a facial surgeon.

What is cholesteatoma?

A special form of otitis media. Most of them are perforation of the relaxation part of tympanic membrane, and the inflammation of middle ear invades the external auditory canal. Persistent effluvium was the main characteristic. Patients with such symptoms should go to the ENT department immediately.

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