Precautions for wearing hearing aids in middle-aged and old age[Conscience finishing]

What should middle-aged and old friends pay attention to when choosing and using hearing aids??

1Be sure to try the hearing aid yourself and experience the feeling of the hearing aid. Generally speaking, if you wear a hearing aid, the volume is moderate, and you can hear the normal speech outside one meter. This is a preliminary indication that it works. Never make it convenient, ask someone to bring a hearing aid to use. For example, some children honour their parents and bring a very expensive hearing aid from abroad, but in fact the wearing effect is often poor.


2Friends who choose box-type or behind-the-ear hearing aids must choose ear molds, which can effectively prevent hearing aid feedback whistling, improve and enhance the acoustic effects of hearing aids, and improve the clarity of sound.

3Wearing a hearing aid is not a good thing. When you start wearing a hearing aid, you will not get used to it, and you will feel uncomfortable. Especially for friends whose hearing loss has been going on for a while, there is always a process of adaptation. This process is generally1~3Months. In the first step, wear a hearing aid, the volume is appropriate, listen to your own voice, and listen to the familiar voices in your life. The second step, after adapting to a small range of sounds, try to listen to a wide range of sounds. The third step is to adapt to the sound of various occasions. The principle is: monotonous first, then noisy;Indoors, such as kitchens, living rooms, etc., outdoor, such as food, shopping, etc.;Wear it in a short time, adapt slowly, and gradually extend the time until it is worn all day.

4Hearing aids are fine electronic products. Avoid dampness, avoid high temperatures, and avoid collisions. General service life5~10Years, careful maintenance can extend its service life. The hearing aid should be removed at night and the power should be turned off.;It is the most basic and effective maintenance method to remove the battery after a period of time without using it.

5Some people say that wearing hearing aids will aggravate deafness. There is no scientific basis for this view. Some friends are used to wearing hearing aids for a period of time, because they are not worn for various reasons, such as pus in the ear, allergies in the external auditory canal, etc., at this time, the hearing seems to be worse than before. This is actually because I am used to listening to the amplified sound, which we call functional deafness.;Then because the process of aging did not stop.

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