Precautions for wearing hearing aids for the elderly

Wearing a hearing aid is an important means of improving the hearing of the elderly, but many elderly people and their families do not understand how to use the hearing aid. So what should the elderly wearing a hearing aid pay attention to?


First, establish a reasonable expectation

After many elderly people were equipped with hearing aids, they thought that hearing aids could return them to the hearing situation of young people like real ears. In fact, hearing aids are just a hearing aid device that can only help the elderly to hear and hear. Moreover, hearing aids also have disadvantages such as inevitable noise floor, ear plugging effect, and simultaneously amplified environmental noise.

Second, insist on wearing

The elderly do not want to wear hearing aids for the following reasons:

1. Not accustomed to “sound” life

Long-term hearing loss makes the elderly used to “do not ask the world” in a “quiet” environment. After the hearing aids are fitted, many elderly people do not adapt to the sudden “noisy” life. It is recommended that the elderly insist on wearing a hearing aid and communicate with the family or the fitter in time. After the adaptation period, the elderly can feel the benefits of hearing aids.

2.Suffering trouble Unwilling to wear

Some people in the family wear a hearing aid, don’t wear it alone, and even put it on the shelf for a long time. In fact, insisting on wearing a hearing aid is conducive to the safety of the elderly. In the absence of sound, they did not know that the gas stove in the kitchen had not been closed, did not know that the water had already boiled, and even when they got on the road, they did not know where the car came from. It is not only the ear that is protected by wearing a hearing aid, but also the life of the elderly.

Third, adhere to regular commissioning

Hearing aids require constant debugging to bring a better experience. The fitter’s voice for the elderly who wear the hearing aid for the first time will be lighter, and it is intended to make the elderly adapt to the tone of the hearing aid as soon as possible while ensuring comfort. But after a week, you need to go to the fitting center to re-adjust the volume, and the old man can reflect the discomfort of the week to the fitter, such as blocking the ear, excessive sound and so on. After this adjustment, if there is no special situation, make a slight adjustment after one month to improve the quality of listening. After the adaptation period of this month or so, it also needs regular3In the month or so, we will go to the store to adjust and maintain the hearing aid.

Fourth, scientific maintenance hearing aids

First of all, we must do a good job of daily moisture and high temperature. After removing the hearing aid, use a brush to clean the surface and the sound hole, then put it into a dry box or an electronic dryer for drying. It should be noted that if an electronic dryer is used, not only the battery needs to be taken out, but also the drying time must not exceed6hour. Secondly, it is necessary to move the battery when installing or removing the battery, otherwise it is easy to damage the battery compartment door. If it is convenient, go to the fitting center regularly to do professional cleaning.

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