Pediatric hearing aidHow to choose a hearing aid for children

1Hearing aid shape selection: Children should prefer ear-back hearing aids, which are not only easy to wear, but also have great flexibility in the design of sound output.

2Choice of hearing aid technology lines: Children should prefer all-digital hearing aids with sound analysis capability, high resolution, comfortable wearing and effective protection of residual hearing.

3Hearing aid sound output selection: The maximum sound output of the hearing aid should be compatible with the hearing loss. Generally, when the hearing loss is stable, the maximum sound output is less than the minimum sound output.105db SPLHearing aid; medium 聋 selects the maximum sound output as105-114db SPLHearing aid; medium to severe 聋 selects the maximum sound output as115-124db SPLHearing aid. Severe 聋 select the maximum sound output as125-135db SPLHearing aid; extremely severe 聋 select the maximum sound output as135 db SPLThe above hearing aids. However, for children with a progressive decline in hearing loss, such as those with large vestibular aqueduct syndrome, the output of the selected hearing aid should be appropriately relaxed.


4Hearing aids for wearing the ear: In order to prevent the occurrence of “hearing deprivation”, children should insist on wearing hearing aids in both ears.

5Hearing aid fitting, effect evaluation

6Adaptive training: After preliminary evaluation of the effect of the hearing aid, the child should be accompanied by an adult to perform adaptive training. During this period, observe whether the physical behavior of the child is abnormal, whether the ear mold has damage to the soft tissue, and whether the hearing aid has feedback. · Howling, the reaction of children to different voices, etc.

7Rehabilitation training: The purpose of hearing aids is to listen to the sound and learn the language.

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