Not all deafness is suitable for hearing aids?

First, we should be clear about the fact that hearing aids are an electronic product. Simply put, it’s a sound amplifier (of course, the specific working principle is certainly not that simple). Can it be effective? Can you enlarge the sound? It depends on whether the ear can hear the sound.

Why do you say that?


Because, an amplifier, you must first have an object to zoom in. If the ear has no hearing at all, and you can’t hear the sound at all, then wearing a sound amplifier will definitely not work. To wear a hearing aid, you must first have a certain amount of residual hearing, you can hear some sounds, and wearing a hearing aid is useful.


Deafness depends on whether there is residual hearing, and generally there are residual hearing aids that are effective.


To get inspected and fit a hearing aid suitable for hearing, it is best not to wear one with you. Many patients with deafness are eager for various treatments and are more likely to use hearing aids. In fact, hearing aids are instruments that help people listen. Whether unilateral or bilateral hearing loss, whether it is conductive or sensorineural hearing loss, as long as hearing loss affects daily conversation, can not be corrected by internal medicine or surgical methods, you can choose a hearing aid

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