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Wechat groups often hear parents ask the following questions, which make me realize that the most terrible thing is not hearing impairment, but parents’ confusion. As an adult with hearing loss, I would like to share my views.

My child’s cochlea is so expensive. I’m worried about an accident at school!

There are many parents who are worried. Children’s growth needs a healthy environment, but I also object to artificially creating an “overly friendly” environment. If you overemphasize with your children’s classmates how valuable their children’s cochlea is, you should be careful, and children’s classmates will automatically generate a sense of rejection in their hearts: you can’t play with TA, it will cost a lot of money on the top of TA’s head, and you will lose money if it is damaged. Naturally, your children are isolated by their classmates and kept away from each other.

Parents are advised to explain the situation to the teacher before the children enter school. Please declare the key point in front of the students, and tell the students not to pat their children’s head, just communicate and play normally. If individual bear children always do not follow the rules, please tell them to keep away from the dangerous sources, and let them establish the awareness of protecting the cochlea, which is also the most important.

Cochlear devices and hearing aids need to be protected, but not so easily damaged. The manufacturer has considered the service life and warranty period. Some new technologies, such as nano waterproof layer, impact test and so on, have been widely used in products.

There are two ways to be at a loss. One is to be suddenly hit, panicked, but slowly come out. The other is to dig in the horns, either to spend money on the best for the child, or not to actively find information, waiting for others to help. Expect you to be the former.

Parents are the leaders of their children’s lives, not necessarily excellent, but they must be scientific, rational and open-minded.

Link:It's not terrible to have hearing impairment, it's terrible to be at a loss

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