Is there inflammation in the ear that can wear invisible hearing aids?

Inflammation of the ear canal can not wear invisible hearing aids! There are two reasons why you can’t wear an invisible hearing aid:

The first is that the hearing aid is in the ear canal, which is quite an ear canal foreign body, which can stimulate and squeeze the ear canal wall, causing further damage to the ear canal wall and aggravating inflammation. In the hearing aid itself, it can carry bacteria and aggravate the infection. Because the hearing aid is blocked, Inconvenient to exclude purulent secretions from the ear canal; Secondly, the ear canal infection and inflammation, the ear canal has a lot of purulent secretions, these secretions are water-like, if these liquids enter the hearing aid, they are damaged by the precision instruments of hearing aids, a stealth hearing aid is very expensive, mostly 10,000 More than one, this is also a big economic loss!

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When the ear canal infection, first take out the invisible hearing aid, go to the regular hospital otolaryngology to check the otoscope, clear the ear canal and tympanic membrane. If there is secretion in the ear canal, the otologist will clean up the ear canal secretions, and will put some disinfection and antiseptic drugs on the ear canal for dressing treatment, combined with oral antibiotic treatment. Through normative treatment, the ear canal inflammation is controlled, and the damaged ear canal skin is completely repaired, and the invisible hearing aid can be worn!

When wearing invisible hearing aids, pay attention to ear canal hygiene, use alcohol swabs to clean the ear canal, alcohol swabs should not be too wet, alcohol is volatile, and will quickly evaporate. It takes a long time to wear and needs to be taken down to allow the ear canal to be properly ventilated.

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