The rechargeable hearing aid is quick to charge and has a long service life, which is more suitable for business people, and it is convenient to use on business or usual. However, the price of rechargeable hearing aids is relatively high; the price of hearing aids using traditional zinc-air batteries is relatively low, and the price is higher. The price of batteries used in a year is not high, which is relatively economical, but you need to manually replace the batteries yourself. Older people with older hands and feet will have some difficulties. The specific choice of hearing aids still needs to be determined according to individual needs. It is recommended to check the audition at a professional fitting center.

Charging hearing aids and hearing aids using batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hearing aids using rechargeable batteries only need to put the hearing aids into a dedicated charging base at night to complete the hearing aid charging and drying and dehumidification, without using an electronic drying box to dry the hearing aids. Easy to use, and charging the hearing aid can basically meet the use of one day, but the price of the rechargeable hearing aid is relatively high, the internal battery also needs to be replaced regularly; the hearing aid using the traditional zinc empty battery is relatively low price, one year The battery used is not expensive and economical, but it is necessary to dry the hearing aid regularly using an electronic drying device. In addition, a hearing aid using a zinc-vacuum battery has the advantage that as long as there is a battery around, no matter where there is no electricity, the battery can be replaced at any time. Of course, the specific choice of hearing aids still needs to be determined according to individual needs.

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