Is the profit of the hearing aid high?Hearing aid profit

Domestic media,It is often seen that certain industries have a surprisingly low purchase price of their goods, while the sales price is very high, and the profit in the middle is amazing, which is simply a huge profit.


The fitters who are engaged in the first-line fitting in the hearing industry often hear customers complaining: “You are so expensive to sell such hearing aids, and it is more expensive than gold.” “Little girl, it’s cheaper. Your hearing aids are too expensive to sell. I know that the purchase price is very low. You have sold the price at least a few times and it is too profitable.” The fitters listened to these complaints from customers. I don’t know how to say it. I can only smile and explain to our customers that we are not profiteering. But the customers are still unbelievable. After all the finalists, do they feel that this industry is really profitable?

First of all, hearing aid products are definitely not profiteering, because everyone knows that the hearing aid fitter’s income is still low compared with the average salesperson in the market, but the fitter who understands the purchase and retail price thinks that the middle price difference is still relatively large. When I was told by the customer, I was nervous and didn’t know how to explain it.

In order to better explain this phenomenon, we need to clarify the reasons. The example of using the hearing aid directly is a bit sensitive. When I first entered the industry, the two new stores that helped the company opened next door are all pianos. We have many children of the fitter. I learned piano. I saw in the blog of Li Zikai that I used the piano to explain it. In addition, the profit margin of a single piano and the hearing aid are also too different. Let us see how economists explain profiteering.

Such as a piano line8Thousand dollars of purchase price10Piano, pricing2Ten thousand yuan. They were sold out later. The purchase price is used8Ten thousand yuan, sales revenue20Ten thousand yuan, earned12Million,1.5Times. Another supermarket, buying a batch of drinks, also used8Ten thousand yuan, markup5%, they are all sold out, sales revenue8Ten thousand4Thousands of dollars, earned4Thousand yuan. one is1.5Times, one is5%One earned12Ten, one only earns4thousand. Which one is profiteering, which one makes more money, looks at a glance?

If you do this, don’t go to business. For you, the more appropriate job is to find a bureaucrat to be a reporter, write an article about “exposing profiteering”, and cheering, it is just fine.

Piano shop is in stock8Ten thousand, sales got20Million, earned12Million, this is true, but sell this10The piano was used for a year. Supermarket drinks are also used for purchase.8Million, sales only get8Ten thousand4Thousands, this is also true, but they only sold them for a week. If the supermarket can always sell like this, you can earn it every week.4Thousands, you can earn in one year.20Ten thousand8thousand.

Same use8The cost of 10,000 yuan, within one year, only increase the price5%Supermarket, making money is better than fare increase1.5There are more than one piano shop. Of course, the actual profit is much lower than this, because it also deducts expenses such as rent, warehousing, water and electricity, labor, and tax payment. However, these factors are available to everyone. When comparing, they can be ignored.

On the surface, it looks like huge profits. Actually, this is not the case.Purchase price=The method of calculating the profit is wrong. So, where is the mistake? The mistake is to confuse the sales profit and the investment profit.

The calculation method of sales profit is indeed “priceThe purchase price, but the meaning of this sales profit is actually not big. What really matters to investors is the investment profit. That is, he invests a sum of money. After a certain period of time (such as one year), how much can he earn? money.

Sales speeds vary widely across industries. In some industries, three years of non-opening, three years of openness, and a single sales profit is amazing. In some industries, there are sales every day, they are too busy to pay, and the funds are quickly turned around. Although the profit margin is very low, the overall accounting is very similar.

Those who are accused of “profiteering” are often those industries that sell at a slower rate and have longer capital turnover periods, such as optical shops and piano shops. People don’t wear glasses and buy piano every day. In these industries, it is often the goods that have to be put in the store for a long time to sell. Hearing aid stores are similar. And some “fast-moving consumer goods” industries, such as large supermarkets, sell goods quickly, people come and go, bustling, every day are busy buying and shipping. Although the profit margin of sales is very low, their actual ability to make money is not necessarily low. In other words, the profit margins of different industries are very different, but the investment profit margins of various industries are actually not much different. It is the investment profit, not the sales profit, which determines whether the investor wants to invest and which industry to invest in. Therefore, funds are scattered in various industries, rather than going to a piano store, optical shop or hearing aid store.

At present, the profit margins of supermarkets and piano shops are roughly10%~15%There is no statistics in the hearing aid industry, but the personal understanding of the industry for many years, many years of old stores can reach10%15%Profit margin (some may be slightly higher), but if only opened2New stores below the year can be good without loss, so huge profits are simply not talked about. Sales profit is visible to everyone. Investment profits are only in market logic and corporate books. A journalist who does not understand economics only sees the former and is unaware of the more important latter. They thought they found the “profiteering” industry. In fact, they misled many consumers. This kind of mistake caused consumers to think that I was “black” before buying any products. I was afraid of being deceived.

Of course, we can also call this phenomenon the immature market cognition. This immature market cognition leads to meeting the needs of different customers. The supplier must set more price ranges to satisfy different cognitive groups. Market demand, our domestic hearing aid market price from2,300Yuan to4,5Tens of thousands of pieces, the price difference is staggering, but the difference in performance effect is really so big? I believe that everyone has already had their own answer.

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