Is the hearing aid the same as a cochlear implant?Which is better for hearing aids?

Different deafnesses need to choose different hearing aids, and only the choice according to their own hearing loss will ensure good audio-visual effects. Many people will consider installing a cochlear implant, but the cost is high and the operation is risky. Therefore, as long as there is hearing, patients who can use hearing aids do not need to install cochlear implants, especially elderly people should consider the risk of surgery.


Hearing aids are equivalent to wearing a loudspeaker on the ear. The function is to enlarge the sound and is suitable for patients who have certain hearing but who do not meet the standard. And the cochlear is used in patients who can’t hear the sound completely.

In some patients, the sensory cells in the inner ear are damaged, which seriously hinders the transmission of auditory information. In layman’s terms, the role of cochlear implants is to convert sound waves into electrical signals, to excite the auditory nerve fibers, and to transmit sound information to the brain to produce hearing. Clinically, some patients have inaudible ears, but patients with congenital malformations and paralysis of the auditory organs are incapable of being able to cope with the cochlear implant.

The hearing aid is equivalent to the loudspeaker of the ear, and the sounds that are heard are very concentrated and average. This is the distortion problem of the hearing aid, which is a limitation of the instrument itself. If you feel that the hearing aid is getting more and more useless, what you have to do is to debug the machine at the repair point of the hearing aid and let yourself reach the hearing level. However, if your hearing declines quickly and your hearing is sharply reduced, it is recommended to first check your hearing at a professional fitting center to check for ear lesions.

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