Cochlear implant and hearing aid are both effective means of hearing rehabilitation. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, mainly the following differences:

1. The mechanism of the two is different. The cochlear implant directly stimulates the auditory nerve by crossing the inner ear hair cells. The hearing aid compensates the hearing. The amplified sound compensates the hearing through the residual hair cells

2. Their application scope is not the same. Cochlear implant is suitable for patients with serious cochlear lesions, severe hearing loss of both ears, and unable to benefit from hearing aids, while hearing aids are suitable for the lesions in front of and in the cochlea.

3. They have advantages and disadvantages in terms of hearing compensation. Cochlear implants are not as good as hearing aids in terms of low-frequency compensation, and hearing aids are not as good as cochlear implants in terms of high-frequency compensation, so there are people abroad who use hearing aids and cochlear implants at the same time in one side of the ear. Now one direction of hearing aid technology development is to increase the frequency width and compensate for more high-frequency.

The cochlear implant is a kind of harmful operation, which may have complications, and the operation is irreversible. After that, the cochlear implant can be replaced. The hearing aid is only worn externally, no harm, no complications, and it is optional and reversible. After that, the hearing aid or human cochlear implant can be replaced.

Because the cochlear implant needs to be operated, the change after operation is irreversible, that is to say, the possible damage of the cochlea after operation will not be recovered. Therefore, it is suggested that parents should select a suitable hearing aid for 3-6 months before deciding to implant the cochlear implant, and then implant the cochlear implant after confirming that the hearing aid is invalid, otherwise it will cause unnecessary damage to the child.

In addition, the prices of cochlear implants and hearing aids vary greatly.

There is no contradiction between cochlear implant and hearing aid. The most important thing is to make scientific choice based on the patient’s situation and the maximum degree of hearing compensation and rehabilitation effect, and according to the current economic and comprehensive situation, without delay or advance

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