Is moderate hearing loss effective for hearing aids?

Look at the age, if it is senile moderate hearing loss, the time is too long will really affect the hearing aid effect, each person has individual differences, the old hearing loss will lead to the decline of hearing function, so that the hearing aid effect is discounted, so one However, if the hearing loss is found and the intervention standard is reached, the earlier the intervention effect is more obvious, the hearing function may be slower for young people. If the hearing loss is long, the hearing sensitivity will decrease, affecting speech discrimination.


Under normal circumstances, different levels of hearing loss can lead to different rehabilitation effects. The effect of hearing aids is mainly affected by the following factors:

1Residual hearing, the more residual hearing, the better the hearing aid effect, that is, the sooner the hearing aid is better, not only the problem of hearing loss, but the biggest reason is that the patient’s ability to understand speech will also change with time. decreasing gradually.

2The nature of ear damage, usually the conduction loss of patients with conductive loss is better than that of patients with sensorineural impairment.

3, the hearing aid itself, such as sound quality, technical characteristics, but also including the fitter debugging techniques and counseling, etc.;

4The patient’s ability to adapt, some people can immediately adapt to the amplified sound of the hearing aid after wearing, thus improving the hearing, while others need2Months or even longer, this is the difference between the individuals we often say. For listening to music, since the frequency range of music is much wider than speech, listening to music with a hearing aid does not sound good. For example, some fans or music fans hope to enjoy drama and music as before before wearing a hearing aid. This kind of wish may not be easy to achieve. Rhythm can be clearly perceived, but there is always a lack of “taste”;Some high-frequency musical instruments don’t sound well, and the past “words and circles” now have some “transformations.” Different people have different responses to watching TV and listening to the radio, and about half of them think they are not satisfied. Because the sound signal from TV and radio is different from the original sound, this change is essentially a kind of “distortion”.;The sound signal amplified by the hearing aid will change again and “distort” again. Two “distortions” caused some users to “not hear clearly.” Many program hosts now speak very fast. If you have subtitles, you can understand it. If you don’t, it is very difficult to understand. Although the hearing aid has many advanced noise reduction functions, it has not yet amplified the signal that the user wishes to hear. Therefore, the use of hearing aids has an “effective” distance, approximately2Within the meter, it has directivity. When the conference is opened, it is difficult to guarantee the effect of wearing a hearing aid. Because there are both “two distortions” and “distance” problems. If the meeting is sloppy, the effect will be even worse. Seven or eight people in the restaurant together, you can talk about it, and it will affect the effect of the hearing aid. However, if the hearing aid is worn with both ears, the effect will be much better. In view of this, people who are ready to use hearing aids must have a correct expectation for hearing aids. Keep in mind that the role of hearing aids is only “hearing”, don’t expect to spend thousands of dollars to buy “normal ears”. And because each person’s hearing condition is different, the performance of the selected hearing aid will be different.

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