Is it a matter of hearing?

Clinical statistics in the population of hereditary hearing loss, about75%80%It is an autosomal recessive inheritance, that is, a person carrying the hearing loss gene may not develop the disease. Such as the common cariogenic gene –GJB2Gene mutation, the carrying rate of the normal population is about2%3%, leading to large vestibular aqueduct syndromePDSMutant gene, the carrying rate in the normal population is approximately2%3%Carrying mitochondrial genesDNA A1555GPatients with mutations may not show hearing loss if they do not have a history of exposure to ototoxic drugs.


Therefore, for many genetic diseases, it does not necessarily make people feel terrible and afraid. After all, the occurrence and development of diseases are related to many other factors. To face the correct and positive attitude, we can better embrace life.

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