Is hearing loss related to excessive stress?

We sometimes find that the sound is getting smaller when listening to things. What is going on? Hearing is declining, but the problem is that young people will appear in the same age. In fact, the disease will appear in people’s youth, because it has a lot to do with work stress. When the hearing nerve is stimulated by a very strong stimulus, This problem will occur. However, it is also mentioned that the cause of hearing loss is very complicated and variable, from external factors to internal factors, such as all kinds of facial diseases can be infected with the tympanic membrane. The external factors mainly include the following reasons:

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1, foreign body in the external auditory canal, and excessive cleaning of the tympanic membrane.

2, facial diseases caused by otitis media, rhinitis, mixed deafness, sputum embolism, adenoid hypertrophy.

3, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as high blood pressure.

4, work pressure is too large, such as excessive fatigue and rest.

5, caused by loud noise around work or life.

6, adverse drug reactions.

The treatment of hearing loss is generally targeted therapy, but also for the cause, rather than casually improve hearing. Therefore, after the hearing loss is recommended, it is necessary to go to the hospital for a detailed examination to see where the problem is and see what causes the young person to develop the disease.

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