In-ear hearing aid features – what is an in-ear hearing aid

Customized hearing aid housings are customized to the user’s ear canal. According to the size, it is divided into ear cavity type, ear canal type and deep ear canal type. It is directly hidden in the ear when used. However, its output power is smaller than that of the ear-back machine, and the feeling of blocking the ear is more obvious. Some models sacrifice the directional microphone, wireless coil, Bluetooth coil, program button and so on for more concealment.

In-ear hearing aid features

Ear cavity hearing aid (In The Ear Aids.ITEIt is customized according to the shape of the wearer’s ear, which occupies the ear cavity and the ear boat. The microphone, amplifier and receiver are all housed in a custom-made housing that does not require any wires or hoses on the outside. It is more concealed and lighter than a behind-the-ear hearing aid.

Ear canal hearing aid (In The Canal Aids, ITC) is slightly smaller than the ear cavity hearing aid.ITCCan be placed deeper into the ear canal, which can produce more gain for wearers with the same hearing lossITCThan wearingITECan save5dBThe gain can achieve the same hearing amplification.

Complete ear canal hearing aid (Completely In The Canal, CICAlso known as the deep ear canal hearing aid, it is not easy to be seen when it is worn from the side. It can be placed deeper into the ear canal, reaching or exceeding the second curvature of the external auditory canal, very close to the tympanic membrane, and its amplification characteristics are closer to the physiological characteristics of the normal human ear. For wearers with the same hearing loss, wearCICThan wearingITCCan save5~10dBThe gain (especially for the high frequency part) can achieve the same hearing amplification effect.

Because the deep ear canal hearing aid is small in size, it is impossible to install components such as a dual microphone and a volume knob, and it loses more functions.

Customized hearing aids need to be customized according to the wearer’s ear-like personality, and need to be cycled. With the development of technology, standard in-ear hearing aids enter the market and are favored by the wearer. In addition to the advantages of deep-ear hearing aids, the standard in-ear hearing aids have the features of ready-to-go; the smaller the size of the optimized circuit; the greater the comfort.

Hearing aids in several shapes have their own characteristics. It is very important for hearing loss people to choose the appropriate type of hearing aid according to their hearing and needs. Different hearings, the same needs, different types of hearing aids; the same hearing, different needs, and different types of hearing aids. It can’t be clouded, and it’s not necessarily suitable for others. Hearing loss people need to go to a professional hearing aid matching center to choose the best hearing aid for them. I believe that everyone has a simple understanding of what is an in-ear hearing aid. To learn more about hearing aids, please click [返回】see more

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