I have a headache after wearing a hearing aid, what should I do if I have dizziness?

Hearing is as important as your breathing. No need to think, no communication, wake up from sleep and go directly into the ocean of sound. When hearing disorders occur, life becomes less smooth! Wearing a hearing aid, in addition to listening to the sound, it is important to eliminate the emotional and psychological negative changes caused by hearing loss, but also a beautiful and splendid life!

What should I do if I have a headache after wearing a hearing aid?


The headache and dizziness after the patient wears the hearing aid is mainly because the sound output of the hearing aid exceeds the patient’s discomfort threshold. Our normal person’s discomfort threshold is120-140dB SPL. The hearing dynamic range of patients with sensorineural deafness is narrowed, and their discomfort threshold is lower than normal. A common hearing aid is used, which causes headache and dizziness because the amplified sound exceeds the patient’s discomfort threshold. This patient should choose a wide dynamic range compression lineWDRCOr adaptive dynamic range optimization techniques (ADROBoth of these lines can re-adjust the dynamic range of the speech without giving the hearing aid user a loud, uncomfortable or harsh feel, ensuring that the amplified sound is within an acceptable loudness range.

Resound hearing aids remind you that patients with this phenomenon will have to check the discomfort threshold in addition to pure tone audiometry when choosing a hearing aid.

If the patient itself does not adapt to the hearing aid, the above problem occurs; then you can consider temporarily removing the hearing aid. There is also a situation in which the wearing time is too long, and the nerves are too nervous to cause headaches. At this time, it is recommended not to wear them for a while, and take them down for a rest.

People with deaf ears are used to being in a quieter environment. When they wear a hearing aid, they will feel very noisy, especially uncomfortable. This may cause headache and dizziness. Therefore, the best sound in the early stage should not be adjusted too much. Try to adjust the small point slowly. Slowly zoom in again, giving the ear an adaptive process.

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