Because the hearing loss can’t hear your own sound and sound for a long time, the speech sound will become louder and louder. When you can hear the voice of your speech after wearing the hearing aid, it will feel too big. This is a normal phenomenon and you can control yourself. The pronunciation slowly decreases, and the voice of oneself is amplified by bone conduction, that is, through the vibration of the skull. The sound of other people’s speech does not pass through the bone conduction, so wearing a hearing aid, especially those with low-frequency hearing, is easy to feel. The voice of oneself speaks loudly, while others don’t.

Normally, I didn’t have a good hearing. Now I wear a hearing aid and enlarge the sound I hear. I naturally feel louder than the original. But if you think that the sound is too loud, you need to communicate with the fitter to reduce the volume of your speech. After all, listening to the sound is your own feelings. Listening to the uncomfortable feelings is only known to you, so you should tell your true feelings to the fitter so that the two sides can match the sound that suits you.

Link:I feel so loud when I wear a hearing aid? Why?

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