Learn how to use a hearing aid to listen to the phone better? Nowadays, there are many functions of the hearing aid. The latest new product has the function of Bluetooth phone. After the hearing aid and the mobile phone are matched, the phone can be directly answered, which is very convenient and the effect of listening to the phone is very good. If it is a general ear-back machine or a custom machine, there is no Bluetooth function. When answering a call, the handset of the phone should be placed in the position of the microphone of the hearing aid to collect the sound. I hope my reply will help you.

The ear-back hearing aid is called, most of the hearing aids have a special “T”File, is used to make a phone call, the specific use, please pay attention to three points:

Turn the switch of the behind-the-ear hearing aid to “T”File (now the latest all-digital hearing aid can be switched automatically)

Turn the volume switch of the behind-the-ear hearing aid.

Attach the handset’s earpiece to the case of the behind-the-ear hearing aid. You can hear the sound on the phone after training a few times.The ear canal hearing aid method, the in-ear type and the ear canal type should be trained to find a suitable position, so that the hearing aid does not whistle (you can also install a coil for making a call), and you can hear the sound, of course, in the ear. Patients with hearing aids if hearing loss is greater than90Above the decibel, it is difficult to make a good call. Complete ear canal hearing aid CIC It is better to call.


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