How to tell a story for a hearing-impaired child?

Listening to my mother’s story is the most enjoyable thing for every child. Do you know how to tell a story to your child??

How to tell stories for hearing-impaired children

Before telling the story, you need to read through the book first, and grasp the plot of the story according to the content of each picture. When you are ready to talk, check your child’s hearing aids and sit down with your child. If your child has good hearing aid compensation, you can sit side by side with your child, but sit on the side of your child’s hearing compensation better so that your child can better understand the story.

When you explain, you must first attract your child’s attention. “Let’s see this book.” Then, let the child look at the album, for example, ‘There is a little pig in the mystery’, and turn the picture to the child, let him see the picture. If he keeps looking at you, indicating that the child does not understand, you need to repeat it. After that, use the same method to tell the rest.

The depth of the language should be consistent with the level of acceptance of the child. Your explanations should be vivid, and if necessary, use some props or puppets to make the story more lively and enhance your child’s interest.

When explaining, set some suspense, pay attention to the rhythm of the explanation, and intentionally set aside time for thinking.

After the explanation, let the child tell the above content, let him talk in his own way, you can prompt and supplement, avoid complaining. If he still doesn’t understand, he should continue to talk to him until he understands.

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