How to solve the noise of the hearing aid

Each hearing aid will have a “noise” depending on the size of the machine’s power. Everyone’s sensitivity to sound perception is also different. How do we solve the problem when our machines have different “noise”?


The most common is the noise caused by speech sounds. For example, when the family group is banquet, there are relatively many people. At this time, the hearing aid is needed to wear the patient carefully to distinguish the voice of the person who needs to hear. The solution is to wear a hearing aid with a noise reduction function for the banquet noise.

Next is the car noise. We cross the road from the road. There are traffic noises on the left and right sides. The sound is noisy. We also need to distinguish the voices of our friends. This time we need to concentrate on listening or need to see friends. The shape of the mouth can tell what the content of his conversation with me is. The solution is to wear a noise-reducing hearing aid for traffic noise.

There is also wind noise, which is also an annoying sound for some outdoor sports enthusiasts. The noise inside the wind hearing aid also increases. The solution is to wear a hearing aid with wind noise blocking.

There are also the sounds of bumps that are usually touched, such as the sound of bumps when washing dishes, the sound of big trucks passing by, the sound of thunder, the roar of airplanes, the loud sound of sound, and so on. With so much noise in life, we can make the right response to these noises.

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