You can take the old man to see the wearing situation of other elderly people in the hearing aid fitting center, let him check the effect of hearing and listening to the psychology of the elderly as much as possible in terms of comfort and aesthetics. Give the elderly more knowledge about hearing. Now some formal big companies can provide try-on, specifically need to consult. You can ask the old man to try. The effect is good and you can continue to wear it. The other is to find out what the old man’s concerns are. The right medicine to solve.

Older perceptions of hearing aids: Nowadays, the elderly are hearing harder and more, and the family members are recommended to have hearing aids. However, the elderly have heard that they should not be able to receive hearing aids from their hearts. Many elderly people think that they can hear them, they do not need to have hearing aids, and they are emotionally contradictory with hearing aids. In the process of wearing a hearing aid, in order to let the elderly know more about the hearing aid, the family and friends need to do more psychological work for the patient, so that the patient can change the perception of the hearing aid. To let the elderly know that there are many benefits to wearing a hearing aid, wearing a hearing aid can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and the hearing aid can make the elderly’s reaction ability faster. Old people wearing hearing aids need family and loved ones to cooperate When the elderly just wear the hearing aid, the old man will hear some environmental sounds that he could not hear before, such as: the sound of running water in the home, the sound of the kitchen exhaust fan, the footsteps of the family walking back and forth, the old man will I feel a bit messy and will say that the noise in the hearing aid is too loud and too noisy. Many elderly people will be bored. At this time, the family should tell the elderly that he can hear the sound is a good thing, prove that the hearing is improved, not accustomed to being temporary, and slowly adapt to encourage the elderly to pass the adaptation period. After the elderly just wear hearing aids, they need to pay special attention to their families. In the early days, the elderly should be worn at home, chat with family and watch TV, and let the elderly slowly adapt to hearing aids.7-10Around the day. In the medium term, I will go out to the community and listen to the voices of other people in the community, the barking and the car sound. Try not to create too much noise. Time will be7-10Around the day. When the old man wears a hearing aid to some of the sounds, the old man can wear a hearing aid to the street, such as: go to the market to buy food, go to the supermarket, etc…,If the elderly go to the street feels too noisy, it is recommended that the elderly do not go to the street for the time being. The hearing function of the old man has not fully recovered, and the old man has no habit of listening for a long time because of his hearing loss. Therefore, he should be reminded before he talks with him. Try to slow down the speech, clear the words, and gradually train, so that the elderly slowly recover the auditory function. There are many advantages to the elderly with hearing aids: After the hearing aids were first installed, I would like to communicate with my family and friends. Before I heard the hearing aids, my family said that it was not heard by the elderly several times. Then the old man did not hear it. The family was very anxious to fear that the elderly would suffer from Alzheimer’s disease for a long time. I will regret it at that time, and now I am eager to wear a hearing aid to the elderly. After the elderly were equipped with hearing aids, the old man’s mood suddenly became brighter and the reaction was faster than the original. His eyes were not as good as the original ones. It is recommended that the elderly be taken outside to play and let the elderly contact the society to make the life of the elderly more happy. This is the benefit of wearing hearing aids for the elderly.

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