How to make the elderly like to wear hearing aids

The hearing of the elderly is slowly declining. As time goes by, the voice of the speech will become bigger and bigger, but I don’t have much feeling. This is to communicate with the elderly if you want to wear a hearing aid. You can bring the elderly to the hearing. The center conducts a hearing test to understand his current hearing situation and listen to the effects of wearing and not wearing.


Many elderly people do not know enough about hearing intervention. Generally speaking, they have to listen very clearly. Only when they think about wearing a hearing aid, in fact, the sooner the hearing aid intervention is better, the faster it will adapt, and the effective improvement of speech recognition rate and quality of life. . Another elderly person is more concerned about the appearance. At present, an in-ear hearing aid or a super invisible hearing aid can be selected according to the degree of personal hearing loss and the condition of the ear canal. A suitable hearing aid can interfere with hearing and does not cause damage to the ear. Not only can intervene to improve speech resolving ability, but also help in communication and help out in life, and improve the quality of life. Specifically, you can go to the professional fitting center for consultation and audition.

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