How to make the hearing aid battery the most valuable

Hearing aids and batteries are inseparable, just like fish and water, they are related to each other.

How can we make the “relationship” between the two better?

First, after we purchased the hearing aid, we should learn how to correctly put the battery into the hearing aid. The steps are as follows: When installing a new battery, first tear open the new battery seal label and look at the positive symbol on the battery (+) with the battery compartment door (+Is it consistent? If it is consistent, wait30Insert the new battery into the battery compartment after a second.

Another important thing is the preservation of the hearing aid battery.

If we do not use the hearing aid for a long time (such as when sleeping at night), the battery compartment of the hearing aid must be turned on, which can reduce the battery power consumption.

In addition, we should place the newly purchased unused battery in a relatively dry place. It is not suitable for being placed in too high, too low temperature and humid environment, which will affect the battery life.


Sometimes it is found that the hearing aid has no sound after the battery is placed. Is the hearing aid broken? Don’t worry, sometimes it’s just that you don’t have enough activation time for the battery, or you don’t pay attention to the reverse polarity of the battery, or there is dust on the contact point between the hearing aid and the battery, which leads to poor contact, and the battery is sealed. The label is removed for a long time before being placed in the hearing aid. If these situations occur, properly handle them. When you can’t handle it, you can go to a professional hearing aid service center.

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