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Telephone has become an indispensable communication tool in modern life. Especially with the popularity of mobile phones, people’s dependence on the phone has become more apparent. Although the original invention of the phone was only used for hearing people, today, the phone is also more than the world.5More than 100 million people with hearing impairments.

Telephone communication has always been the biggest problem for hearing-impaired patients, especially for patients who use hearing aids. According to reports, in developed countries, governments have different laws and regulations, requiring telephone manufacturers to meet the basic needs of hearing-impaired patients, that is, standards for telephone amplification, and regulations for hearing aids and mobile phones. In general, these patients face three problems: one is the lack of visual communication, the other is the link between the hearing aid and the phone, and the third is the impact of the hearing aid and its background noise.


So, how can a person with hearing loss receive a better call? First of all, the quality of the telephone answer is obviously related to people’s residual hearing. Secondly, the quality of hearing aids is also an important criterion for effective answering calls.

First of all, looking at the speech resolution of the user itself, if it is difficult to communicate face to face with people, then it is necessary to improve the user’s speech clarity and choose a better sound effect.Hearing aidAnd better adapt to the sound of hearing aids, improve speech resolution. Furthermore, if the user has no problem communicating face to face, then it is necessary to improve the effect of answering the call. Based on the analysis of the causes, we will make targeted improvements.

If it is prone to feedback whistling when answering a call, then you should avoid or eliminate the feedback whistle, such as reducing the size of the vent, or using a model with better feedback management.

If the user’s speech resolving ability is relatively poor, then you should choose a hearing aid with better sound quality and more advanced features, which makes it easier to improve the user’s speech resolving power.

Ear typeHearing aidWhen answering the phone, put the earpiece behind the ear, and listen to the position of the microphone to be clearer. For landline, you can choose to use hands-free. In-ear hearing aids, just like your own ears, answer the phone normally. Older people wear hearing aids, don’t worry about watching TV or answering the phone first. . Adapt to a period of time , often do language training, read newspapers, listen to a variety of voices, improve language resolving power, so the effect of answering the phone is better

各个Hearing aidThe manufacturer introduced a hearing aid for automatic telephone function, a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid, which transmits the signal of the telephone to the hearing aid through wireless Bluetooth, avoids the loss of secondary conversion energy through air transmission, and reduces the influence of environmental noise, and the effect must be better than direct answering. it is good.

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