How to make a hearing aid and oneself fit together

When you first start using a hearing aid, the sound should not be too loud, not too long to wear it every day. I want to listen to some simple sounds in a quiet environment, listen to the voice of my own voice, the voice of two people, the voice of three people, and gradually transition to listening to the sound of the TV, the sound of the radio, and finally to the noisy Listen to more complex sounds in the environment. We call this process “adaptive training for hearing aids.” The length of this process varies from person to person, generally1 ~ 3About a month.


General need4Weekly forging and forging to adapt to your hearing aids to better help you listen.

*First week (auditory attention period): wearing a hearing aid every day1 ~ 2hour. Re-familiarize and distinguish sounds at home, such as cooking in the kitchen, using a vacuum cleaner to do housework, and talking to family. Due to deafness, the patient is in a “quiet” state for a long time. Once he hears the hearing, he will not adapt to the various sounds of the outside world, but insist on it, don’t be discouraged.

*Second week (auditory identification period): wearing a hearing aid every day2 ~ 3hour. Learn to concentrate on listening to the sound you want to hear and separate the sound you want to hear from the background sound. You can wear a hearing aid to go out and listen to a quiet place (such as listening to Tai Chi in the park). You may find some sounds that you couldn’t hear or you will be clearer than you used to.

*Week 3 (Auricular Training Period): Wearing a hearing aid every day3 ~ 4hour. You can wear hearing aids to enter and exit various public places (such as food courts, shopping malls), exercise to listen to your own speech, listen to many people talking outside, learn to look at other people’s faces, lips and obedient, improve visual and auditory communication skills. In this paragraph, you should communicate with friends and relatives; but you should not communicate for a long time to avoid hearing fatigue.

*Week 4 (return to instinct): wear hearing aids every day6More than an hour. Patients can wear a hearing aid to watch TV, listen to music, and enter public places in a variety of complex environments (except for strenuous exercise, sleeping, shampooing, bathing, etc.). After the end of the week, record the problems and dissatisfaction in the use process, go to the hearing center to review and re-adjust and evaluate the hearing aids.

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