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The service life of the customized hearing aid is not only reflected in the brand, price and quality of the hearing aid, but also in the maintenance of the later wearing process.

Hearing testers have shown that ear wax is blocked, damp, and impact drop, which are the three main causes of hearing aid damage.

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1, ear clogging is the main cause of damage to the receiver in expensive hearing aids. Chinese earwax is generally dry, and when we talk, chew, and walk, most of the earwax will gradually vibrate out of the ear canal because of vibration, but some of it will remain in the ear canal, especially after wearing a custom machine. The ear canal is blocked, the earwax can not fall out normally, and finally falls into the receiver hole of the hearing aid, which makes the sound lighter, and the serious damage of the receiver is caused by the receiver, causing damage to the wearer, so it should be regularly The receiver hole is cleaned.

2, hearing aids can be said to be an electronic product, and the biggest enemy of electronic products is water vapor.

Regardless of the brand of hearing aids, water vapor will enter and accumulate inside the hearing aid from the gap between the battery compartment door and various adjustment knobs, affecting the internal circuit of the hearing aid, causing the volume of the inner cavity of the custom machine casing to contain water vapor, corrosive movement and internal Even. Therefore, when using it in peacetime, be careful not to let the water vapor from the surrounding environment enter the hearing aid, such as adjusting the hearing aid with wet hands or being drenched by rain.

It is less well known that water vapor can also enter the receiver cavity from the receiver hole of a custom machine. Especially in the southern region, the period of high temperature is very long throughout the year. Therefore, it is often necessary to wash and shower as a daily homework. Generally, after bathing, it is inevitable that a small amount of water will splash into the ear canal. A normal person’s ear canal will quickly evaporate, but if the patient has water in the ear canal, wearing a custom hearing aid if it is not dry will completely block the water between the hearing aid and the tympanic membrane. After the internal water is heated, it turns into water vapor, enters the cavity of the receiver, and then gradually cools and accumulates into liquid water. It soaks the extremely small parts in the receiver, damages the receiver, and the sound is abnormal, and the receiver is completely damaged. .

It is important to note that it is important to keep the ear canal dry. When the hearing aid is not in use, it should be placed in the desiccant to dry the water vapor in the machine to extend the life of your hearing aid.

3 and hearing aids are very afraid of falling like quartz watches, because the components in the hearing aid are connected by very small guides, which are very easy to break after being impacted, especially the internal vibration spring of the receiver due to its structural relationship. The sheet and thimble are easily displaced and deformed after impact, causing distortion or no sound.

Since custom hearing aids are small in size, they are easier to slip off the hands when they are worn or removed, so special care must be taken.

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