How to judge the performance of hearing aids

Many patients who choose hearing aids don’t know how to choose a cost-effective hearing aid. They can only price hearing aids by brand and price. Hearing aidGoodAndGenerally, it is felt and subjectively evaluated by the hearing loss person. There are usually four aspects to judge:

(1Recover enough hearing sensitivity to allow hearing loss to hear the language and ambient sounds that are not heard when the hearing aid is not worn (degree of hearing)

(2Recover, maintain language comprehension and discernment, so that the special sounds in the language and everyday environment are clear enough (the degree of hearing)

(3Understand the degree of speech in a noisy environment;

(4) encountering a high or sudden sound, can listen to the comfort, not too uncomfortable because of too much sound.

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(5The after-sales service guarantee of the hearing aid, the service is an indispensable part of the hearing aid fitting process. In addition to its own technology, the fitting service is also an important parameter reflecting the professionalism of the hearing aid. The fitting of hearing aids and the fitting of myopia glasses have the same meaning, and they all need to be tailored based on individual characteristics. The period of adaptation varies from person to person, usually the first time you wear a hearing aid1Adaptation time of about month,1Weekly wear time is2Hour, first2-3Week extended to daily conditions4Hour, first4Weekly code to6During the hour, the fitter will adjust the software parameters to achieve a good experience based on the wearer’s reaction. You should choose a hearing aid based on your hearing loss, lifestyle, and factors such as the surrounding acoustic environment. You should consult a qualified hearing aid fitter at a professional fitting center.

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