How many times does the hearing aid have to be debugged?

After the patient has selected the hearing aid model, there is usually1-3The adaptation period of the month is, on the one hand, the patient’s own feelings about the hearing aid. On the other hand, the fitter constantly adjusts the hearing aid according to the patient’s hearing loss. After this adaptation period, the hearing impairment can be used by the hearing aid, but also Regularly go to the designated store for maintenance!


There is no uniform standard for the debugging of hearing aids, and it is not a one-time fitting that can fully meet the individual’s needs. Firstly, according to the degree of hearing loss, nature, speech resolution, etc., the hearing aids are fitted. After the fitting, the hearing aids should be equipped. Timely evaluation of the effect, combined with the individual subjective feelings to determine the extent to which the hearing aid is debugged, first of all to solve the problem of comfort, the next thing is the definition of clarity, the first use of hearing aids must have an adaptation process, this adaptation process must be Performed with the correct fitting of the hearing aid for the first time. Adaptation time varies from person to person. The formal fitting center will let you go to the store for assessment after hearing aids within the specified time, and then combine the subjective feelings and needs of your wear to decide whether to debug the hearing aid. The debugging of hearing aids is a process of continuously optimizing the effects of hearing aids.

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