How to get through the hearing aid adaptation period

Children with ear damage and hearing-impaired people are very important for the initial impression and reasonable perception of hearing aids. The important thing is to let them have a sense of trust in hearing aids and let them receive hearing aids quickly. So what are the ways to speed up the adaptation process? Hearing is summarized as follows:

1, try to find small sounds in life

When people have hearing loss, they are not sensitive to the small sounds in life. Once they have reasonable hearing intervention, we will hear all kinds of small voices, such as the ticking of clocks, slight closing of doors, etc. Wait, you will feel that these sounds are very annoying at the beginning. If you wear them for a while, you will find that your brain can ignore the small sounds that you don’t want to hear.

2, go outdoors

Some people who have just finished hearing aids will feel very noisy and dare not go outdoors. In fact, modern high-quality digital hearing aids can realize the sound mode situationalization. Listening to the sound outdoors is also a practice in noisy environment. Let you adapt to the noisy environment very quickly.

3, listening to music

Many people think that listening to music should be after the adaptation period. In fact, we may try to listen to music and feel the changes in melody and rhythm during the adaptation period, which will help to get through the adaptation period as soon as possible.

4, volume control

In the early days of wearing a hearing aid, do not adjust the volume knob frequently. You may think that some sounds are loud or small. Maybe this sound is such a large volume in nature. Too much adjustment of the volume is not conducive to adapting to the hearing aid sound.

5, feel the voice of yourself and others

After wearing a hearing aid, you may feel that your voice has changed somewhat. This is normal. You can feel the voice of yourself and others, repeat yourself and gradually correct yourself. Gradually, you will feel that your voice is almost the same as others.

6, try to listen to words

The syllable of a single Chinese character is often the most difficult to identify. In the period of hearing loss, because the association cannot be generated before and after, it is generally impossible to listen to the syllables of the list, but after effective hearing intervention, we can try to listen to the sound of the monosyllabic words. You will find that you can do better through practice.

7, watching TV without watching subtitles or listening to the radio

During the period of hearing loss, we may watch the subtitles involuntarily, but if the hearing is effectively intervened, we can force ourselves to practice not watching subtitles or listening to the radio. The sounds from TV and radio are not the same as those in real life. However, if the listening of the electronic sound is well trained, it will be of great help to the listening of the telephone voice in the future.

8, chat with others

In the process of practicing listening to the sound, we must not only chat with one person, but also chat with many people. People who speak at different volume and near distance may be troubled by the effect of your listening, but this will get your brain to get Very good exercise.

9, participate in social activities alone

Some people may be afraid of participating in social activities because of poor hearing. When hearing problems are solved, we urgently need to improve self-confidence. We can participate in social activities alone, with the help of hearing aids, which will increase our confidence in hearing aids.

10, telephone exchange

Many hearing aid users have complained about the problem of inaccurate telephone communication. This is largely due to the lack of adapting to the telephone voice. Moreover, the complexity of the external environment is also an essential element for smooth communication. We should not be afraid to answer the phone. Just be an exercise.

How to adapt to new hearing aids more quickly is very important for us to establish good self-confidence. Therefore, we should not underestimate the adaptation period, especially for young children. They cannot express their feelings about hearing aids, so the importance of parents is very important.

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