How to face when wearing a hearing aid is discriminated against

In the United States, hearing aids are very popular, and some people even pick some beautiful ones.Hearing aidStyle, to remind yourself that there is a problem with hearing, let the other party say clearly.


In our country, this is obviously rare. The better-selling style in China is the deep-ear hearing aid, mainly Because most people don’t want others to find their own hearing defects. I have heard a story: A grandfather accompanied his grandmother to the store with a hearing aid. The grandfather carefully observed the process of the old grandmother fitting the hearing aid. After selecting the type of hearing aid, he also specially designed a color. He said: “She always likes that color very much, and it will look great on her.” As everyone’s living standards get better and better, they are more and more willing to let themselves live a better life. The more people use hearing aids, the more they say. The more you come, the bigger the environment is improving, and that’s fine.

I wear a hearing aid, have encountered discrimination, have chosen to ignore it, and have met people who are really discriminating against me. They discriminate against me, make fun of me, I can’t hear them well, and ridicule me for wearing hearing aids. The first time I met such a person, I was very sad and wanted to retaliate. I don’t understand, I just don’t listen well, so let them say this.

Later, I found that they are not worthy of my attention. They will make fun of everyone, poor at home, crutches, poor grades, not married… Sometimes I ask them what they are laughing, they can’t answer anything. Can’t say that they don’t have quality, they can only say that everyone’s values ​​are different. It’s very uncomfortable to have a bad hearing. What we have to do is to make ourselves happy. There is no need to touch people who are troubled by themselves. Fortunately, there are fewer and fewer such people.

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