How to evaluate the quality of a hearing aid

The performance of hearing aids on the market is similar, and the technology is comparable. Because the individual differences in hearing loss are large, it is a good hearing aid to say that a hearing aid suitable for you. In recent years, China has been strictly implementing the quality standards for hearing aids, and regularly checks for hearing aids sold in China. Although the quality of most hearing aids has improved significantly, there are still hearing aids that do not meet the standards. Therefore, it is necessary to configure a hearing aid analyzer in a professional fitting institution to perform regular inspection on the purchased hearing aid. Avoid unqualified hearing aid products entering the market, thereby increasing the satisfaction of hearing aid wearers.

The hearing aid measurement standard mainly specifies the test items, test methods and test conditions of the hearing aid. The main test items of China’s national standards are:

(1) Saturated sound pressure level (SSPL

(2) The input sound pressure level is90dB SPLOutput sound pressure poleOSPL90

(3) Full sound gain

(4) Reference test frequency and reference test gain

(5) Frequency corresponding characteristics (referred to as frequency response characteristics)

(Six) inputOutput curve

(7) Total harmonic distortion

 (Eight) equivalent input noise

(9) Battery current

(10) Maximum inductive pickup coil sensitivity in the acoustic magnetic field

(11) Automatic gain control hearing aid inputOutput curve, rise time, recovery time test

A professional hearing aid analyzer is used to comprehensively detect the hearing aid to understand the true performance of the hearing aid, so as to better serve the hearing-impaired group.

There are a variety of test instruments available on the market, and professional hearing aid analyzers areFrye Produced by the companyFONIXSeries hearing aid analyzer

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