How to deal with the noise of the hearing aid

We live in a world full of noise, just some environmental noise, some environmental noise is small. It is the best hearing aid that also produces local noise, so there is no noise hearing aid. The key is that a good hearing aid fitter can make the hearing aid user unable to hear or feel small and acceptable. noise. That is to say, under the guidance of professionals, the hearing aids should have no or almost no uncomfortable noise.

How to deal with the noise of the hearing aid

Evaluate whether the noise reduction function of a hearing aid is appropriate or whether it is properly selected. It can be used by hearing-impaired people and deaf people in a quiet environment. If neither of them hears obvious noise, then the hearing aid is suitable. However, when people are in an environment with obvious noise (such as on a bus or on a construction site), if the normal person feels the noise but can tolerate it, the hearing aid user also has a similar feeling, which is normal. Of course, some people have good low-frequency hearing, and the hearing curve is very steep. Using only hearing aids with general characteristics, or buying one by yourself, it is very likely that there is an unbearable noise.

Everyone has just started to wear hearing aids. There are a lot of small sounds that can’t be heard in life. The ears are relatively quiet, and the sounds heard will be more when worn. Say to adapt to the small sound that can’t be heard without hearing aids. Of course, it is very important to choose a hearing aid that suits you. It is necessary to go to a professional fitting agency to be more secure.

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