How to deal with people with hearing difficulties

As a hearing impaired person, it is not easy for ordinary people to communicate. In today’s society, interpersonal communication is increasingly important. Here, based on my experience in the past ten years, I have summarized some of the skills of hearing impairment and ordinary people and share them with you.


First, until the point, multiple reminders

Hearing impaired people should tell him every time a new friend is based on his or her own situation, and what kind of method is best for him. One day I faced several new faces almost every day. In order to communicate with them, at first I said politely: “Hello, although I am embarrassed, but I can use spoken language to understand what you are talking about. Just say a little slower, the louder the better. Most people will accept me very easily. If they don’t want to forget to talk and accelerate, I will smile and remind us that as time goes by, we maintain a tacit understanding of communication. If there is no description of the special needs of communication, it may be in the first communication, because it is not smooth. , bringing frustration to both sides and setting a barrier for future in-depth exchanges, which is a pity

Second, good at interruption, please repeat

When the other is flying completely, one of the contents you don’t understand. If this topic is very important, you should interrupt him immediately, ask him to say it again, when the topic is irrelevant, if the other party is happy to repeat it, then Take the initiative to interrupt him, when it is necessary to stop on the official platform, not to disturb others, and vice versa, and completely interrupted. In short, hearing impairment is because it is not heard, the right to interrupt, ordinary people will not be angry, but this is normal. Of course, when it is interrupted, it is also a polite expression.

Third, reading accumulation, diligent expression

Hearing impaired people lack the ability to express. Normal people will continue to listen to others and inadvertently enrich their vocabulary. People with hearing impairments cannot improve their vocabulary and language skills just like ordinary people. Therefore, people with hearing impairment should read more, enrich their vocabulary, make the ideology reach a height, do not want to say, can not say the feeling. The verbal expression of a hearing impaired person may often be written in writing, but there will be no objection to daily communication.

Fourth, out of autism, extensive exchange

It is basically “listening” to hear what the children say to their parents, and the outsiders are hard to understand. I can only understand how many people in the past have spoken and rely on them to help me translate. As a result, I have been unable to communicate with most people. Later, I walked through many places, touched many people, and learned about people’s accents, mouths, speaking habits, and even some dialects. Then I can slowly communicate and communicate with most people. Therefore, people with hearing impairments are separated from the “closed door” situation, dare to communicate with strangers, and as time goes by, they will become familiar with each other’s mouths and expression habits as soon as possible, and achieve the purpose of free communication.

Five, the repetition is invalid, that is, with pen and paper

Don’t do anything too stiff and stick to it. I think when you don’t understand or understand a sentence, other repetitions4,5It is still useless. You should write a letter to the speaker with a pen and paper. Write the word, then just the sound and mouth, write the word together and remember. Then encounter the same words, it is easy to understand. Therefore, deaf-mute people should always prepare pens and papers. If you really can’t understand them, you can write your own reading with pen and paper, saving time and energy and facilitating communication. Having said so much in the front, the vast majority of my personal experience and income feel.Due to the individual diversity of hearing impairments, my personal experience can only represent a small part of the entire deaf world, and there are many criticisms. Writing this information is shared with other hearing-impaired people and hopes that we can adapt to the mainstream society.

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