“Ten deafness and nine dumb”, deafness makes people lose the ability of speech communication, unable to communicate with relatives and friends, thus losing the important way to know and contact the world. For infants and young children, before the age of 3 is a critical period of language learning. Deafness, even mild hearing loss, can often lead to language disorders, even mental retardation, resulting in psychological and behavioral communication defects. The deaf people living in the silent world will gradually become self abased and withdrawn, their physical and mental health will be seriously damaged, their social interaction and activity ability will be reduced, and their quality of life will be seriously affected. Deafness is undoubtedly one of the greatest human sufferings.

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Children suffering from hearing loss is a problem for many parents at present, but you don’t have to worry about it. Now all digital programmable hearing aids meet the needs of deaf children with advanced technology of free and comfortable listening with high power and hearing matching rules in various complex environments. According to the degree of hearing loss of deaf children, hearing aids with corresponding power are selected.

Preparation of listening materials

Hearing aids for deaf children need professional test report from the hospital. For example: brainstem evoked potential, otoacoustic emission, multifrequency steady-state, can cooperate with deaf children to do pure tone test as much as possible. In the fitting center, we also need to do the overall evaluation of behavior test and so on.

It’s very important for my child to wear hearing aids as early as possible. Especially for the growing children, the processing ability of brain and auditory nerve to sound information is gradually developed with the growth of children. The smaller the children are, the more likely they are to pick up the sound, the more conducive they are to the development of various abilities. The wearing of both ears is easier to establish the connection between the big brain and the sound, and play a better hearing rehabilitation effect.

But if a child’s ears are not stimulated by sound for a long time, it will cause the child to miss the best period of language rehabilitation (3-6 years old), and even aphasia. Missing this crucial period of speech learning will have a great negative impact on children’s future speech communication, life, learning, work and life-long happiness. Therefore, it is necessary to wear hearing aids to children’s ears as soon as possible.

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